Eras of My Life - Fragility
    An Installation of photographs, fabric,
    stone, water, illuminated eggshells, 
    an object of feathers,light and sound, 2007
    A Performance: Heritage - Time Line   

Eras of my life - Fragility was an artwork which consisted of transparent and light reflecting fabric interiors, a few objects, photographs and sounds of water dripping from an invisible container in the ceiling.
My aim was to present an intimate mental space in a form of a spatial artwork, and the viewer as a part of it. It was possible to move around and between the transparent walls which reflected the light coming outside through the large windows. 

Outside, in the street which represented a public space, there was the time line of the Earth, a 25 m long fabric line representing the natural history eras of the Earth and the Universe including the period of  human and hominid existence, the length of which is less than one centimeter compared to the whole length of 25 meters. The line was placed on the street outside the gallery in the opening performance. It functioned as an installation during the exhibition.
In the  performance 'Heritage - Time Line of the Earth'  the natural history periods of the Earth and the Universe were presented as a 25 meter long fabric line laid down on the street in front of the gallery.

The aim of the the performance was to remind of the very short period of human and hominid existence in proportion to the preceding periods; within a 25 meter long line it means less than 1 cm of the line. 

The performance was an environmental statement on not forgetting the long historical roots of the Earth and on saving its diversity for the future. The Time Line was left on the street. It functioned as an installation during the exhibition.